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Creating a Quiet Space

Hello there, friend. It's been a while. I hope you are doing well.

Today, I was thinking about my room. I really enjoy living in all my spaces, but I especially enjoy my bedroom. It is a place away from the world where I can escape to. It has all of my favorite items: books, a desk, plants, a record player (and records to go with it), crafting and art supplies. It is also decorated in such a way, with everything exactly where I want it. I also try to keep zen concepts in mind when putting together my spaces so that it is a place where I really enjoy being and where others can also feel comfortable. A place where I can be myself, feel relaxed, and create (art or term papers, either one).

What is your quiet space? How do you make your spaces a place where you and/or others want to be? I'm curious about this as everyone has different ideas about what that looks and feels like.

I think, perhaps, that our quiet space does not have to be a room. Could it be a certain "headspace"? A relationship? Another person (that seems like a lot of pressure to place on someone)? Your place of worship? A park? The woods? A specific hiking trail?

Where are you able to be yourself, feel most safe, and are centered?

Please share if you feel like it.

Have the best day that you possibly can.

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